Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strip Blankets - $50

You have probably seen my strip quilts before. I LOVE them, but they are really pricy for me to make and extremely time consuming. I just made this little lovie blanket for my good friend and I really enjoyed making it and because it's not quilted it was much less time consuming so I can charge a lot less. My strip blankets have cotton, chenille, minky, corduroy, faux fur, and other fun fabrics to give your baby a great sensory experience. They are all backed with the softest minky. The blankets do not have a binding but instead they have rounded corners and I double topstitch it on top for extra durability. I can add a ruffle silky binding, but it would be extra. The blanket is about a 36x40. I also can customize this to you. Just let me know the colors and even if you have a particular fabric line you are interested in.

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