Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Example

Here is the first quilt I made. I love how big it is. It fits perfectly over the car seat when we need to go out in the cold or in public. It is about 1 1/3 yards in length and about 44 in. in width. Here is a close up of the fabric I chose. This section has a couple of fabrics and flannel prints as well as 2 blue and a brown minky strip, a silky polka dot, and the fur.
This is the other half of the quilt up close. It has some very fun textured prints (the white on the very far left and right in the middle is a checkered blue chenille fabric). I love these pieces! I also love the brown and blue polka dot minky.

Here it is all together laying flat.

I didn't take a picture of the back, but I always like to use a very soft minky or plush. If you customize your own instead of buying one I already made, I can give you color and fabric choices.

Do You Want Your Quilt Customized?

If you want a particular color scheme I do not have pictured, I can customize one for you for an extra $15. The reason to charge is because it will result in making a trip to the fabric store instead of using fabric I have on hand. I'd be glad to do it, however.