Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bibs & Binky Clips!

I have just started using some of the fabric from my quilts to make matching bibs and binky holders. The bibs are quilted. Below is a picture of a bib up close so you can see the quilting. I am selling the bibs for $10.

I only have 6 of the binky clips here, but I have one or can make one to match any of the bibs. The best thing about these clips is they work for all kinds of binkies (even the soothie ones) and they work for toys or other things. The binky clips are $3 unless you want it to be dual colored (I can make it use both colors in the bib, the green one has this on it) for $4.50.
If you want to purchase a quilt, I will throw in a bib and binky clip for free.


I currently have 7 quilts in stock and I am discounting them from $115 to $95. Here are the 7 styles available. Of course, if you want a different color scheme, let me know. For closer up pictures and sizes, you can view my shop on Etsy, email me, or their are more pics of most of these throughout this site.