Thursday, November 26, 2009

Handcrafted Strip Quilts

These quilts were designed with the highest quality fabric and will be your little ones FAVORITE blanket: The one he/she cant sleep without, the one they twirl between their fingers, the one they rub they face on, and the one they will remember when they get older. These quilts are made with many different fabrics to create different textures for your little one. These high quality fabrics include: minky, chenille, silk, corduroy, faux fur, cotton, and flannel. These quilts are the perfect size to drape over a car seat, snuggle wrap them, or use as a crib blanket.

As an added bonus:FREE bib & binky clip with purchase!

Taggy and Snuggly Blankies $8-$12

These little blankets will be your little ones comfort blankie. Its just the perfect size for them to tote around and have a sense of comfort. The Taggy Blankies are lined with ribbons, knots, and tabs and the ribbon knots & tabs in varying sizes, shapes, colors & textures are easy for their little fingers to grasp. use them for learning through touch, sound & visual senses to create a sensory experience for your little one. They are made with a designer cotton fabric or silky and backed with the softest minky. They are also great to put behind your babys head to help prevent the notorious bald spot that so often happens when they are little.

The taggy and snuggly blankets are $8 if I have it on hand (already made). However, new ones will be $12.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Quilted Bibs...

Banners $30 fabric or $10 paper

I can create a Happy Birthday Banner or customize one just for you!

These paper or fabric banners are the PERFECT insta-decoration!

For Birthdays...Pick up a bag of balloons to keep with it and you will always make your birthday guy/girl feel special!

Talk to me about customizing a banner. I can do many different color schemes, themes, etc.